This site will tell you all about my karaoke and disco business, how to book me, what I do, etc, etc.
Thank you for coming to my website. My name is Eddie and I operate karaoke and disco, though I must stress right away that I do not go in for mixing and sampling to the extent that some people want at some discos, in fact I don't sample at all.

What I can promise you though is a wide variety of music such as "Irish to Reggae", "1936 to the present", "The Beatles to Lemar", and everything in between.
This is the "Homepage", there are buttons below here that will take you to all corners of the site, when you get to any page you'll find a link at the top of that page that will bring you back here so your never too far from anywhere else.
I have been a karaoke Host (KJ) since 1996, all over London and beyond, I have about 10000 DIFFERENT and legitamate karaoke tracks, if there is not a song for you in my karaoke songbook  somewhere then you must come from the planet Zog.
I have well over 5500 music tracks covering most types of music from 30's, 40's, 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's, and of course right up to the present time as well, with Irish, Reggae, Big Bands, Pop, R & B, Soul, in fact I would be very surprised if I cannot satisfy most peoples needs.

My music tracks are catalogued by artist as well as by song so I can very quickly and simply check availability of a particular song or the availibility of songs I have by a particular artist.

I also have Disco lights, a bubble machine, even a smoke machine if needed.
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