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On this page you will find links to other websites that may be of interest to you, they are not all karaoke based.
Karaoke Info.

A UK based website for ANYTHING to do with karaoke from where to get a karaoke disc to where to get a karaoke host, a very informative website with lively message boards, well worth a visit.
City Pub Life.

Need information on London pubs? then this is the place to start, a site dedicated to anything to do with London pubs.
Jivin Julie's Karaoke Website.

Julie is a very good friend of mine, she too is a karaoke host, please visit her site by clicking her name above.
Harryoke Karaoke Website.

Harry is Julie's husband (see link to the left of here), he too is a karaoke host as well as being a great friend of mine.

I am the web author of both of their sites.